Lets get to know each other for starters

Hello and a big warm welcome to everyone reading this!

I decided to write a blog because i wanted to share and express my viewpoint to the world. Pretty much why I started writing in the first place. I would try and update every week on a random topic which i would love if you guys would suggest me and help me figure out more crap to write on.

Now most of you probably might be wondering why would you  actually bother to do that? Its a good question.  I think the answer is probably something that we do everyday…we TALK . We talk because the person in front of us is willing to listen and what we dont realize is that maybe somewhere all of us want to be listened to and that is where i come! I want to listen to you people.. maybe behind a screen through your keyboard but I do want to listen.

I shall write on topics that I believe all of us teenagers have to go through..ranging from time-pass relationships to work load ,stress relief ,exam studies true love,food habits ,weight loss and god knows whatever I can think of. Now please dont assume that i am some sort of degree holder and will give you awesome scientific methods to ease your worries. I am one of you and i have had my share of good and bad but I wanna be able to inspire you and make you smile even though I might be classified as an idiot ; am not that dumb!

Why do I write you ask? for the same reason as why you talk. You hope that someone listens to you someday and I hope that that someone reads me someday.