Faces…there are way too much emotions on this planet for our own good. There is wrath and anger and hatred and pride then comes jealousy and greed and then of course the insecurity and the way too obnoxious for their own good. What surprises me even more is that homosapiens with a pair of 12 cranial nerves can’t figure out the difference between what eats them and what makes them devour others. I am usually an introvert. Nobody knows the real me and what I am as a person…I was never like that before. I guess I changed when texting people first made u uncool and not replying to a person’s messages made u smarter. I guess I changed when friends started to compare before growing and hurting before reasoning. I know though what some people may be thinking …my friends would never be like this .. that’s probably true but then find me one person who can say that every person in my entire existence is a friend of mine. You may be an optimistic bird and say that every soul is beautiful. Infact I could not agree more with you but what I am vary of is that devil inside of that soul. That devil is not beautiful ..it is hungry and it will tear you down and you wont have anyone to blame. It wont be anyone’s fault .Not yours not mine not his. It would be the circumstances and that person’s urge to grow and survive. Life is not a race… it is like a container that would only stay put if you add just about enough to make it full. A little more and it shall break into a  thousand pieces. I have that devil inside of me pulling me down into the depths of hell. You have that devil inside of you and so does everyone else and once you understand the balance between the devil and your soul..you will finally see in your heart your faces. It is upto you to choose which one you like better and which one you wanna discard. Just remember one thing…you can be whoever you want.How? Start believing in it. That’s how you use your faces..That will be your identity.

11 thoughts on “FACES

  1. XD Reply

    Ekdum jhakkas

  2. Bakchod Reply

    Ekdum jhakkas

  3. Sandini Reply

    Amazing bro 😍

  4. Sandini Reply

    Amazing bro 💜

  5. Sandini Reply

    Amazing bro

  6. Manya Reply

    Man!!! I can’t agree more to this one! Seriously, everyone has their own demons and angels. It’s just the balance they maintain that adds up as a whole of their personality. Mind=blown. Didn’t think anyone else thought things the same way! You’re awesome.

  7. Jyoti Reply

    Truly written…. Nice..KT…😃

  8. Jyoti Reply

    Truly written… Loved it…

  9. Whocares Reply

    Would like to know your thoughts on death and the fear of loosing

  10. Thugger Reply

    Arre Jan leke manogi kya

  11. Sarim Reply

    It’s awesome …hope it’s gets better and powerful 😘 Just like the thunders in the ocean ,plaguing the ship to die with nasty pirates

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