I don’t know if u have read the novel ” if I stay” or not but according to it the world can be divided into two parts. There ARE the good people and the bad people. The burger people and the pizza people… the coke people and the thumbs up people . The boys and the men. Similarly according to me there are the selfish people and the people who have not yet met that side people. As a human being I have been alone in my life a lot of times and I have felt what it is like to yearn for company. To crave someone so bad that we forget our reasoning and simply give into our desires. To not function with our brain but with our heart…that is bull crap. Like straight up dude you can  sit and wallow in self pity all you want but nobody is going to care because YOU ARE NOT CARING FOR YOURSELF. I have always told myself that being alone and being lonely are two very different things. That doesn’t make me immune to pain.. nope .. but it reminds me that instead of looking for support I should start becoming one myself. A good friend is not whom u celebrate your birthday with .. it is that idiot you call when you have a break-up or a fight with your maa. For some people that number may be large but still at the end of the day not everyone is blessed with their the one. So now the topic arises what do we do about it. Firstly stop searching for company . Don’t find it ..let it find you. I have a best friend as well who pisses me off till I want to punch her in the face  but I know that as long as I am alive nobody can touch a hair on her head and trust me I have no idea how we became friends. None. Thus it is my humble request that you understand I am not asking you to doubt your friends.. I am simply asking you to differentiate between the “talking because I have to” and the talking because I love to group. Company is where you don’t make up anything is where you are yourself and free.

“I would rather have no friends than have those who remind me why I used to think so in the first place”-KT

8 thoughts on “COMPANY

  1. Sandini Reply

    Another master piece ❤

  2. Ojaswini johri Reply


  3. Bakchod Reply

    Ekdum jhakkas

  4. Manya Reply

    You care about yourself more than anyone else ever would once you know your worth. Trust me, this one gets me!❤😍

  5. Yukta Reply

    Wow girl exactly that’s called a company 😘😘😀🤘

  6. Riti Reply

    You are reaching another milestone with every piece of brilliance that flows out of your pen with every update

  7. Harsh Reply

    Loneliness and being alone, both are two different things people often blend together as one. But little do they know that once the winds of solitude touch your face, they never let you go.
    It was such a wonderful piece and more amazing of a thought!
    Nothing could bring me more pleasure than knowing that someone in my class is writing a blog too! That’s awesome!
    Keep writing, best wishes!

    1. Reply

      I have a lot to learn from you bro!
      Even i am so glad that i got a friend who has the same passion as me!!! I look forward to having our views blend and see our friendship bloom!
      Its really nice to know u as well.
      Best wishes!

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