Do you sometimes feel like you are not able to understand how exactly you are feeling? I mean like your body is numb ..u feel literally nothing cause that shit happens to me all the time and straight up I can’t be the only one!

Hello guys and this is a little introduction because I am going to start a series… I will upload this once after a few posts and I thought that after heartbreak this was the best time to start. There are 7 write ups in total and u will be reading the first one today. This series traces the journey of a person from being bent not broken to finding love.. struggling to get used to it and finally accepting the strange yet sweet throes of passion . Please do comment and tell me how soon you want me to upload the next part.. after all we aim to please.


Do you know what is a human’s most primitive emotion?


What is it? You persuade yourself to stop feeling and wade through your memories you emotions concealing…

You feel it all and you write some but all you want to feel it is not there…

I cant find the words I know; I don’t make sense anymore but still I write

To feel my pen scratching on the paper…I write to feel yet today.. I feel nothing .

Is it the conscience of my heart beating or it is some pain that I am always concealing???

Or is it the love that I crave yet deny or my heart dosent wanna build up that high

These memories as beautiful as they are.. they are evil when they leave …

What should I do? What would you do? Are you bored? Or do you wish you understood me a bit more???

Why am I even writing??? I want to understand the reason hence I am living .. I try to be good but turns out they are still not happy… I try to be happy but these treacherous tears they still want freedom… I want freedom but turns out death doesn’t want me right now.

This is weird: scary even … but I guess this is what life is all about …Walking through roads you don’t understand .. So what am I feeling?

Is there even a feeling? Or it feels to be a feeling but it is actually in all its pride and totality




11 thoughts on “1. NOTHING.

  1. Manya Reply

    Sometimes I get worried about you, not because of these write ups, it’s just weird to know you’re the mind behind it. All these words, they say a lot. Keep up the good work man, I’m impressed.

    1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

      Thanks gal! You see for me poetry is like an art like a theatre… you cant portray the character if you dont become the character and thus you see i feel like another person when i write

  2. Bakchod Reply

    Ekdum jhakkas

  3. Sandini Reply

    Pls. come up soon with the second part of this series 😊

  4. Khushi Reply

    Nice Good going

  5. Harsh Reply

    *Is it the love that I crave yet deny*
    I could pick any line from it for the entire post was a pleasure to read! Every update you post, amazes me. It’s like you’re literally a different person when you let your pen speak.
    Best wishes to you (bro!) Lol

    1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

      😂😂😂thanks buddy! I am really glad u liked it😀

  6. Yukta Reply

    Girl it was nice means really.. every time u bring up something different new actual.. Now I m more of excited for the next one.. As u said it’s series!! So 😏.. Waiting.. And awesome 👍

  7. Melody lover Reply

    Melody itni chocolaty kyun hai !!!!

    1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

      Melody khao khud jaan jao 😂

  8. Melodi ka pyaara Reply

    Melody itni chocolaty kyun hai !!??

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