Have you ever gone with the flow and forgotten that you were your very own wave??? Have you ever felt suffocated to voice your own opinion?? Have you ever buried snippets of your imagination for u thought they were unacceptable by the society?
Furthermore…have u ever been the reason to make someone do all the above deeds?

I find it astounding that the victim’s scars are termed to be the wounds of heroism but somehow somewhere the attacker’s scars suddenly lose the meaning and lose their identity of masked pain and agony

PS .I haven’t said that every wrong doer is right in doing what he does.. he or she is wrong. They are wrong to hurt someone despite the cause and the pain inflicted upon them . They are wrong and some are pure evil .. Malignant creatures that do not even deserve death … but then can all of them be the same? I thus ask you to look through these eyes and think… is it always the person or the situation and the side you are standing on?


The crowd is screaming… carrying their voices across the land some praying for me to escape and some thanking their “self made diversity of gods” for capturing me finally. The metal chains hurt my hands but the flesh around my heart is already numb. I am suddenly floating back.. back to the war and I see my family getting shot.. mercilessly ripped  by those gods of war with raging powers of the mankind. I hear my father screaming and I see myself hide in an old and rotten dustbin.. it doesn’t smell nice. I cry. I hear the little boy swearing his oath of revenge.. I remember every word.. how could I forget? I dream it every single night. My people call me a hero but these foreigners the call me a terrorist.. after all I stand on the other side. My love for my country would be called patriotism if only the colours of our flags would have been the same but they are not hence I am a terrorist. I haven’t met my sister in a long time. I miss her shy smile and those half baked potatoes… I wont be able to go back to her now.. I failed to keep my promise… I could not get our home back nor can I go back myself.. I don’t expect these people to think that I am right because I am not but I am still a hero for my people.. for  my sister… the car jerks to a stop and I hit the passenger seat and my present. They will hang me in about 10 minutes from now . I am not scared or guilty of what I did. I just miss my share of half baked potatoes… I am not scared.

I am hungry…not just for potatoes.

17 thoughts on “THE FORBIDDEN VISION

  1. Sandini Reply

    Beautifully written 😍

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      Thanks a lot!!!!

  2. Muskan Gupta Reply

    So gritty and striking! Appreciate the efforts you are puttin’ to tantalize our reading bugs.

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      Thank u so much 😙😙😙

  3. Manav Reply

    Good job

  4. Harsh Reply

    My words will fall short if I begin to appreciate how uniquely you think of everything, how differently you observe the things, and how beautifully you weave them in words!
    That quote was super awesome!
    Keep writing, I know someday we’ll be attending your book launch!

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      That is honestly the sweetest thing u could have said to me!!!thank u so much bro😀

  5. Abha Reply

    It’s astonishing how beautifully you can present someone’s Point of View.😍

  6. Abha Reply

    It’s astonishing how beautifully you present someone’s point of view.😍

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      Thank u so much for ur support sis!!!

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  8. Riti Reply

    This actually makes you question if in the your quest for right you were actually on the wrong side

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      Thanks fr understanding me gal!

  9. Manya Reply

    DAMN MAN!😍

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  10. Ojaswini Reply

    Now that’s freaking great!! 😍And everytime, You make me fall for your writings❤

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      Thank u soo much for the support!!!

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