Why do u need someone in your life?

Why is there always a need for someone in our lives?

I guess there could be several  reasons for that but are there conditions? In my case… yes because everybody wants somebody to care …even be overprotective. I can’t be the president of goodwill and say that love is unconditional for it is not.

I was crossing down the road, and I saw myself in his eyes                                             he was looking at me straight.. we were silent like a pair of dormice

I hated his gaze then.. I long for it now…. a little smile could well.. simply blow me out.  I need to think a few..I seem to have a brain curfew.

Its not made for me still I need him to hold me in his arms.                                         To protect me from those swarms and kiss my hands … be a soothing balm

Every time I see two hearts shuffling .. I feel my memories flutter. I remember his eyes and I remember to be calm. I realized the truth suddenly. He is an important part of my life.

But would it really hurt so much if he suddenly disappeared?

I care.

I do care.

But is that a reason enough to dream endlessly like a hopeless romantic? I can be the person of my dreams. Watch cartoons and paint and read and listen to music and play and laugh and smile and be myself.

I have my whole world complete… Just waiting for a person with a similar world to come closer.  For two worlds make a universe. Full of possibilities ..breathing peace and tranquility. He is not my world…. he is another world. The jigsaw of my universe.

I am not empty. I am not blank.

I am waiting.

Simply waiting.

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20 thoughts on “2.ARE U WAITING?

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  2. Harsh Reply

    “The jigsaw of my universe!” And that’s what is enough to make anyone fall in love with the way you play with words.
    Wish you luck finding the missing piece, bro!

    1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

      That is the reason i write bro!! To put these small games in words and make people play with them😀. Thanks for the support

  3. Yukta Reply

    Ya waiting still !! Rightly said , now just waiting for your next post too😘😘😘😘 love you girl😜🙈🤘😘

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    “For two worlds make a universe…..jisgsaw of my universe” loved these! 👌🏻🙂

    1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

      Thanks a lot for ur support and time gal😗😗😗

  6. Muskan Gupta Reply

    I ran out of words after reading this…your thoughts appetize me.😍😉😗 And I was waitin’ for this series to continue like anything.😁 You thank us for being readers,I’d like to thank you for being such an amazing writer.Love

    1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

      Thats so sweet gal!!! Thanks a lot fr the support . M nthing without u people

  7. Khushi Chauhan Reply

    😊😁 wonderful

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      Thanks so much 😗

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      I really hope u liked it😀

  9. Manav ka dushman Reply

    Ohho ,depression mein mat jaiyo

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      Never buddy😂😂

  10. Abha Reply

    ‘For two worlds make a universe’. So elegant.😍❤

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      Thanks a lot sis!!!

  11. Ojaswini Reply

    This is really amazing 😍😍

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      Thank u soo much 😗

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