Have you ever had this intense heaviness in your chest that refuses to go away? Ever felt that however hard you try there is always going to be that one person better than you.. above you waiting to tell you that you are not the only one out there and that there is always a chance that you might be defeated. Have you ever been possessive of a loved one? Ever felt that ..this person is mine..i wanna hold him and keep him close and not share my babe with the world. Not own her but protect her? Furthemore have you ever been miserable about it?

Jealousy is like an antibiotic. In the right quantity it does wonders..if taken more than necessary its going to be a very harmful little pill. What I mean to say is that u should be the one controlling it and not the other way around. In a way jealousy is nice. You see this person who is great! U r jealous of their lifestyle …their accomplishments and u thus force yourself to hustle harder. What’s better than a situation that brings out the best in you? But if somehow through some sort of stupid thought you think that this jealousy means that you have to figure out some way to bring this xyz person down then you have never ever been more wrong in your entire life.

There is nothing wrong with being jealous. It’s a proof that u can feel. That you have a heart that yearns for more..that you are human but you need to hustle for not their; but your accomplishments. Make yourself feel pride not guilt. If u want to score as much as Mr. first bencher then try hustling as much as him as well. Then comes the jealousy where you want this person to belong to you but unfortunately this is more of a two way cycle. Trust and love each other enough to avoid going through this agony. Maybe it wont work out but that doesn’t mean that he is an asshole and the girl is a whore. It means that he is not the one. Let him go.

Sometimes just for your peace let the person in front of you decide their place. Kill the music and just go with the flow. If you feel jealous try and communicate with a trusted one. If u don’t trust anyone then go scream in a pillow. Don’t however go on with this pain in your chest weighing u down. Communicate. Remember ..there is nothing wrong with a little bit of jealousy.

17 thoughts on “JEALOUSY

  1. Manav Reply

    Nicely written

  2. Ojaswini Johri Reply

    “Jealousy is like an antibiotic .”
    It’s a wonderland controlling me ,my doings, my sayings. A whole lot of, i be it’s subject, dictating, ordering to be the new me. Love, taking over it, jealousy, killing it.. Amiability getting lost, puppets over my brain, a bunch of assets, arts, anchor, leading to pain..
    Your words totally related to the thing, loving ’em!! ❤❤

    1. Reply

      Thanks a lot fr the support gal!

  3. Sandini Reply

    Amazing 💚

  4. Manya Reply

    Your perspective is really convincing. Loved this one too. It’s another one of your masterpieces.

    1. Reply

      Thanks a lot for the support buddy! You have always been there and i appreciate it

  5. Gargi Singh Reply

    Great to see jealously in such a positive way!Loved it🙂

    1. Reply

      Thank u so much fr the support

  6. Riti Reply

    Seeing the world through your eyes is……. Frankly very refreshing

    1. Reply

      Thanks a lot gal!
      I hope i met ur expectations

  7. Muskan Gupta Reply

    Hands down!!! 💕

    1. Reply

      Thnk u so much 😀

  8. Harsh Reply

    There is nothing wrong with being jealous. ‘A heart that yearns more…’
    And this is why everyone loves the way you put all those cluttered thoughts and weave them in words…

    1. Reply

      Tha,k u so much fr ur support buddy!

  9. prachi Reply

    every word that you wrote holds utmost truth…n reality of life….awesome girl

    1. Reply

      thank you so much for the support and love! I appreciate it.

  10. Sneha Reply

    Yaar… U gave new meaning of jealousy….
    Loved it….

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