Deception;  delusions; masks and tricks.. appearances are the master of them all. What we look like gains such an important strata in our minds that we forget to see the person behind the 2000rs shirt. We look at a person’s clothing; then their hairstyle and then their skin and judge in the first 15seconds  what the person is like. When was the last time you waited for another day and see what they smiled like? How the corner of their eyes crease up when they are nervous…how they talk to you and react to your puns?

Now since appearances are a big factor in determining self worth I noted my beauty routine and made a beauty tutorial for both men and women alike. Enjoy!

Step1: Wash your face and scrub it nicely with a face wash. I personally use the brand wash away your insecurities by you are beautiful just the way you are( Bruno mars is a great help). You really want to erase all the useless people clogging your pores.

Step2: Moisturize your face. You really want to soften up your arrogant swagger and learn to be humble. I use the brand called accomplishments come from earned respect .  You don’t want your further achievements to cake up on a rough first impression do you?

Step3:  Use a concealer to hide the black spots underneath your eyes and your pimples but avoid overdoing the concealing or you will look like the advertisement “fake af”. Concealing is alright as long as you don’t lose your originality.

Step4: Use a beauty cream or a foundation to tie all of your face together. Now make sure this foundation is the one made for you or you will end up looking like Bathsheba from The Conjuring. I use the one from the brand grow up; you have your own life.

Step 5 : Take some eyeliner and try to go bold with a color like blue. It’s unique and brings out the honesty in your eyes. Don’t worry about the haters they will do their job! I personally prefer the product don’t hide anymore from the brand “be you”.

Step6: take some mascara and lift your lashes up and make them long and bold. I use the one from dignity called “lift your head up”

Step7: Last but not the least take some lip color and tint your lips with a color that brings out the inner you and hugs your curves beautifully and stays long and fresh. Coat it with a glossy lip gloss. Mine is called “ always strive for perfection”

Step8: Pinch your cheeks and force a smile. I personally do it to radiate the kindness I have in my soul.

So guys!!! This is it. I hope we all turn into beautiful human beings ..gorgeous and sexy full of sass and confidence




21 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. Manya Reply

    The world needs more posts like these. You really did brush away all the “I need to change because the world wants to see it” thing, that’s a trend. Another one of your amazing pieces. Loved it.

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      Thank u so much fr the support and putting ur mind into mu work! I appreciate it

  2. Anu Reply

    Preach girl !

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      Thanks gal! Quite a strong word there fr my humble thoughts

  3. Khushi Chauhan Reply

    Amazing. It is an interesting piece.

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      Thanks a lot for being there

  4. Chin swami mut swami ven gopal aiyar Reply

    Atti uttam

  5. Abha Reply

    Bruno Mars is a great help😂😂
    Anyway, it’s sooo beautifully written😻

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      Thank you so much 😀

  6. Gargi Reply

    Loved it! 😃

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  7. Manav Reply

    Well written

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  9. Harsh Reply

    This one was great! Loved it..🙂

  10. Sandini Reply

    Too classy 💛

  11. Geetanjali Reply

    This is too good!

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      Thanks a lot for the support gal😗😗😗

  12. Yukta Reply

    Cha gayi Ladki this way a person will end up amazing 😉😀😁😘😘

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      Thank you so much yukta😗😗😗

  13. Muskan Gupta Reply

    Now we know, why you write this beautiful! Its the beauty treatment doing magic 😘 💕💄

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      Thats very sweet of u to say !! Thanks a lot for the support i appreciate it!

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