I am a woman. I know how to cook, clean , take care of babies. I will give birth to a baby. I am somebody’s baby.
I am a girl. I am proud of my body. I have an hourglass shape that i dont know how to handle and i am proud of it. I gain weight in one week in one extra naan and i am proud of it. I am a daughter.
I am also a medical student, a motivational speaker, a singer, a writer, a blogger, a friend. I know how to place my views and I will do it.
How ;just how ingraved does a society have to be with sexism..how deeply does a person have to be scarred to not realise the beauty of another person and lash out. Let me tell you..you are dumb. You are the reason why India’s literacy rate is horrible in Bihar.  You are the reason why girls can not wear shorts in 40 f*ing degrees. Lets get clearer.. let’s talk  about the movie Padmavati.  Its not like i am defending the actress or the actor or the movie..I am defending their hustle. They worked so hard to bring one goddamn meaningful movie this year probably the only with a story that should be seen by everyone and people are lashing out!! We have girls being raped everyday we have eve- teasing.. where does your bold voice..your right to expression go then?? Answer me? When was the last time you tried to save a girl’s honour? A girl  should not have a love affair but she should sleep with a stranger after marriage! Bull shit. I love my country .I love my culture but no..No culture has the right to suppress a soul cause i love my girls more. Bring out the L’s and shove them up at me. I am not backing down.
I am a woman.
I am proud.