We travel on roads to find ways and desires…

To choose one of them is a need indeed dire.
They would haunt you day and night
Hurt you and bring you down from flight.
To learn to win one must learn to hurt;
To learn to feed one must learn to hunt.
You may fall apart when you blow
but babe its fine as long as your embers glow.
Be the lion in the army of sheep;
Never ever be afraid to weep.
Love like Romeo
Roar like Zeus
Study to be Stephen
Run like Bolt.
Hustle to be at the top not low;
but remember to not push others down with your flow.
Accept yourself the way you are..
Just follow your passion; your talent will grow.
Keep family at one
Love at two
If its meant to be ;both will be one soon.
Before the win; find your pure soul.
If they want a fight
You must bring a war

18 thoughts on “PRIORITIES

  1. Manya Reply

    You got me with this one, dude! Love reading this kind of stuff.

  2. Anu Reply

    Great one!

  3. Sandini Reply


  4. Muskan Gupta Reply

    “If they want a fight
    You must bring a War” 😎👍
    Your words enlighten, and their meaning evokes. ALL THE VERY BEST, pal. 💕

    1. Vineeta garg Reply

      awesome, keep pursuing your passion

  5. Geetanjali Reply

    And it gets better and better❤️

  6. Avantika Reply

    This one is awesome…..U rock man👍

  7. Manav Reply

    Good job

  8. Ojassini Reply

    “if they want a fight, you must bring war ”
    you see, to be at the top costs to think of is to be at the top.. And finding one’s self is totally worth the wait and the power..
    In Love with your words di!! ❤❤

  9. Sahil Reply


  10. Riti Reply

    You never cease to amaze me girl. Hustle to be at the top. You don’t need to. You are.

  11. drishti Reply

    Awsm…keep going…😍😘

  12. Sneha Reply

    😍 nice…

  13. Harsh Reply

    “It’s fine as long as your embers glow”
    Such few words with which I make an imagery, and it seems so beautiful that I read your words once again, and just admire them!

    1. Reply

      Thnk u so much fr ur constant support buddy!

  14. Akhila Reply

    Applause …applause ….specifically on this “Keep family at one
Love at two
If its meant to be ;both will be one soon.”

    1. Reply

      Thnk u so much!!! I am glad u liked it😀

  15. David Reply

    Amazing I love your writing, you have a gift indeed

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