I am a woman. I know how to cook, clean , take care of babies. I will give birth to a baby. I am somebody’s baby.
I am a girl. I am proud of my body. I have an hourglass shape that i dont know how to handle and i am proud of it. I gain weight in one week in one extra naan and i am proud of it. I am a daughter.
I am also a medical student, a motivational speaker, a singer, a writer, a blogger, a friend. I know how to place my views and I will do it.
How ;just how ingraved does a society have to be with sexism..how deeply does a person have to be scarred to not realise the beauty of another person and lash out. Let me tell you..you are dumb. You are the reason why India’s literacy rate is horrible in Bihar.  You are the reason why girls can not wear shorts in 40 f*ing degrees. Lets get clearer.. let’s talk  about the movie Padmavati.  Its not like i am defending the actress or the actor or the movie..I am defending their hustle. They worked so hard to bring one goddamn meaningful movie this year probably the only with a story that should be seen by everyone and people are lashing out!! We have girls being raped everyday we have eve- teasing.. where does your bold voice..your right to expression go then?? Answer me? When was the last time you tried to save a girl’s honour? A girl  should not have a love affair but she should sleep with a stranger after marriage! Bull shit. I love my country .I love my culture but no..No culture has the right to suppress a soul cause i love my girls more. Bring out the L’s and shove them up at me. I am not backing down.
I am a woman.
I am proud.

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      Thnks a lot😍

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      Thnks a lot !!

  4. Pavnaj Reply

    Great work … Respect women
    Keep up the good work @KT

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      Thnks a ton

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    Nailed it babe😍💙

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      I love u sis

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    Something everyone needs to understand. I’m glad you talked about this.❤

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      Thnk u so much hon!

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      Love u sister

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    And as usual, you dogs ab amazing work again, darling. Wonderful expression!

  9. Harshita Kaushik Reply

    And as usual, you dogs ab amazing work again, darling. Wonderful expression!

  10. Harshita Kaushik Reply

    And as usual, you food an work again. Wonderful expression, deary!

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    Great work

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      Thnks a ton buddy

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    Girl. The frustration is rolling off your words in waves. But speaking up is worth it.

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      Thnk u so much gal!! Ur like my partner in crime

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    Wow..that was great. Proud💯

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      I love u sis

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    …”proud to be a girl”..😊😘

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      I love u

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    strong attitude. we all need that.

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      I know right! Thanks a ton fr the support 😙😙😙

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    Nice write up !!

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      Thank you so much!!!

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      Thnk u so much 😍

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    BIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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  18. Anna Waldherr Reply

    You sound like a strong and brave woman. Your country needs you. This world needs you. But I can tell you now, you will have an uphill struggle. Forty years ago — when I was your age — I too thought sexism could be overcome. I thought I’d “prove” my worth by working twice as hard as the men by my side. If nothing else, I thought I’d outlive the dinosaurs w/ attitudes that stifled and shamed women. That has not been the case. I can say that I achieved many of my professional goals. And I met many good men, along the way. But the dinosaurs continue to live on. They do not recognize that the attitudes they hold harm their own wives and daughters. The world they have created is comfortable for them. Witness the widespread claims of sexual harassment now coming to light in the US. Power corrupts and worldwide men have it. That does not mean the struggle is pointless. We shape our own destiny. Your choices will influence your daughter and her daughter afterwards.

    1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

      O god ur so inspiring! I am baffled! And yes i know..i know that maybe we are foolish to think that we can change the world but you see i can promise you that i will die trying. We cant change the world but we can influence our surroundings..we can build these small changes to create a revolution. I am so very glad that you commented today..its so nice to see someone sharing these ideals!

      1. Anna Waldherr Reply

        I think change begins w/ women. Too many view charm and beauty as their only weapons. Too many believe they are second class citizens. Too many receive no education, so have no options.

        There have been times in history that women successfully organized for political ends. Think of the suffragettes who fought for the vote — Dr. Emily Howard Stowe in Canada, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in the US. There were hundreds of thousands more. Women have been abolitionists and social reformers, for instance, Lucretia Mott and Mary Livermore. They have founded great institutions, for example, Clara Barton and the Red Cross.

        There is no question that women can lead meaningful lives — inside and outside the home. But first they have to recognize the possibilities…then they have to demand their rights.

        Your valor will be tested in the struggle. Your heart will be broken. But the goal — equal status, respect, and dignity — is well worth the sacrifice. After 40 years, I still believe that.

        Wishing you happiness and success! <3

        1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

          Thank u so much!! And i wish you the same maam. You are so knowledgeable and sure of urself that its something i need to learn from you. I have always been a supporter of girl love amd women empowerment. I am a huge fan of my role model lilly singh and I agree 100% that women can reach any height they wanna achieve. Step one is all women watching each other’s backs! It was gr8 getting to know u

  19. Cheryl Turtlemoon Reply

    Wow! Fantastic post! We forget we can be proud of who and what we are! Thank you!

    1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

      I should be the one thanking you for realising the importance of self! After all we r all women and we have to have each others backs!

  20. Dilkash Shayari Reply

    Well said.

  21. Christy B Reply

    Be proud ♥

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      Yes u should .. cause Ur gorgeous and smart..a confident woman who deserves everything

  22. anne leueen Reply

    Bravo! It takes courage to speak out and defend what you believe in. Other women will benefit from your courage. Carry on …..you are a woman warrior!

    1. ktripathi020202@gmail.com Reply

      Thank you and so are you hon! We are all wonderful and beautiful creatures and we need to love ourselves more..thanks for the support!

  23. Aarti Nanda Reply

    I loved it ,Good job 👍

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    Loved it Babs💗💗proud of you…..keep it up 💖💖

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