Every girl has a knight in shining armor. Every girl has at least one true love. Every girl has at least one man she can lean on forever. Every girl has a big brother.

Brother mine; we grew so fine… I had your back and you had mine.

From playing with imaginary characters to solving an equation with algorithms. From sleeping together at 12 and waking up at 4. From laughing at nothing to laughing at each other . From fighting for food to fighting against evils.

I remember crying when you shed a tear.. laughing when you told me a joke…huddling closer when watching a horror movie.. screaming when it was over . I remember sharing secrets knowing they were safe.. I remember you teaching me how to be brave.

Today when I own a voice so divine.. I have a pen in my hands and your image in my mind. I still don’t have the prowess to define.. What you mean and how much I care..

How in every moment we manage to adhere. Today you are an entire year older.. I however am still the same.

Hold me big brother.. teach me to walk.. With you behind my back I can conquer the mob

64 thoughts on “BIG BROTHER

  1. Khushi Chauhan Reply

    Very true….

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      Thnks a lot

  2. Piyush Tripathi Reply

    I love youuuu❤❤❤❤….chhoti😂

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    Loved it😘

  5. Riti Reply

    this is so beautiful. The strongest bonds are never said out loud.

  6. Pragya Reply

    True to the core!!!

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      Thnk u so much!!! Pls keep telling me ur views

  7. Manav Reply

    Nicely written

  8. Muskan Gupta Reply

    True, our love holds as strong as our fights do😂😉😍

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      Exactly hon!

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  10. Harshita Kaushik Reply

    Amazing piece of work! Very relatable…..

  11. Harshita Kaushik Reply

    Amazing piece of work! Very relatable…

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      Thanks a lot sis!

  12. Manya Reply

    Man, you never fail to impress me. I’m so proud to know you.

  13. D. Wallace Peach Reply

    Lovely tribute to your big brother. 🙂

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      Thank u so much!!!

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    Thanks a lot fr taking out time and reading my work!

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    Thnks a ton buddy!

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    I love u too mote😂

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    Thnks a ton hon!

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    Ikr..their true beauty lies in the secretive care we bestow upon them

  19. jyo Reply

    Very true lines !!

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      Thnk u so much 😍😘😘😘

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      Thnks a ton buddy 😀

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        You are welcome…:-)
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        Keep in touch…:-)

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        Where are you from

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          I am from delhi. What about you?

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  23. soiba Reply

    True 🙂

  24. Ξnigma Reply

    Beautifully written.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your brother. 🙂
    You are lucky to have such a brother.

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      Thank u so much for your wishes 😙😙😙

      1. Ξnigma Reply

        You’re welcome. 😀

        And thanks for dropping by and binge liking. 😛
        Really appreciate your time. 😀

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          I read a few to be honest..and loved them! And i should be the one thankful that u tool time to come over and comment😀

          1. Ξnigma

            Thank you.
            Like I said, you are too kind. 😊

            Oh well, let’s just say it’s a mutual thing. Btw, you do have a great blog. ☺️


            Thnks a ton!

          3. Ξnigma

            You’re welcome.

  25. GP Cox Reply

    Very good.

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      Thank u so much !

  26. anne leueen Reply

    No Big Brother could wish for a better tribute than this. Lovely!

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      Thank u so much!!!

  27. Daljit Singh Phagotra Reply

    Heart touching….
    Not many sisters show how much they appreciate their brothers love, care, fears and efforts.
    One of the very few best posts I read about any brother.
    God bless you two 😊

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      Thank u so much for your wishes!! I am really glad that you liked it!

      1. Daljit Singh Phagotra Reply

        Mention not dear 😊

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  29. Rukhsar Khan Reply

    Waoo. I just loved it so much! 💝 gonna share it with my brother.

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      Thank u so much 😘

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