Hello people! And a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! XOXO

Life update: Now I know that I am very late in wishing you beautiful people(my sincere apologies) but I was kinda busy with exams and I took a trip to Dubai. Comment down below if u wanna see some pictures. In a nutshell this month has been quite hard on me and I could not find the time to post any updates. This year I have made a resolution to work my hardest..I am working on some stories and I will share those with you as well. Also please tell me any more topics that you guys want me to write on..I know some requests have been pending but don’t worry guys I will not disappoint any one of you! We also have crossed 150 subscribers and all I want to say is that you are all my very large wonderful family and I love u all so much!!! Without any further ado I present to you.. “SUFFOCATION”


Mommy… mommy. I sob silently. My tears turn into a river…I hear noises. I realize they are coming from my own mouth. I am wailing. I am hungry. My back hurts. I am cold. I shift in my new room..its very small. The walls are a mixture of brown and red and black…they smell of flowers and fresh grass.I get reminded of the girl next door. Her hair is the exact same color as my new room. I stop sobbing and smile a shy smile. She’s beautiful. I shift again. It’s pitch dark here. I don’t like the silence. I drift off to another memory. Mommy’s cold and she won’t move. I play with her hair. I am hungry. I find some water. It tastes good. There is someone coming in. He’s the man that hit mommy. He is tall and he is searching for something. I run and hide. I take my teddy with me but I am not fast enough. He sees me. I am scared. The man smiles at me. It’s a scary smile. It’s not warm like mommy’s. He says we are going to a picnic. I like picnics. I smile too.”Nobody will hear you up here”. I jerk awake. I feel suffocated. I shift again and I find my teddy. I hug him. The man gave it to me when he put me to bed in my new room. He said he will take me home after I had taken a nap. It’s been 50 years I think. It could be more but I only know to count till 50.There are alphabets on this wall. “C O F F I N & C O.“ I don’t know what it means. I feel suffocated in here. I call out again. Mommy… mommy but nobody responds. The man was right. Nobody can hear me down here.


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      Thanks a lot hon

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    Thoughtful , something new, fab as always eagerly waiting for next 😘😘😘😘

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    Loved it!!

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    Great story

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    Thank u so much!! I am really glad u found the spooky side of the story amusing

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    This is different 👏

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