Hello guys!! Today I have decided to answer all the questions that u all asked me in the previous month simply because:-

1. That’s probably y u asked them and

2. So that u know that your suggestions and comments matter a lot so pls. keep on commenting and asking questions!!! I look forward to hearing from u guys.

Whocares asked me my thoughts on death and the fear of loosing.

. Well see this is simple. Firstly I do not fear death. I mean yes I probably screamed the loudest in the movie lights out and yes I almost died while watching conjuring 2 but I am still not concerned about death as a phenomenon.. not because it comes to everyone and it is unavoidable and bla bla but because honestly what are u going to feel after death? I think being alive is more scary than being dead because with being alive you are being conscious and that is what makes each one of us a brave individual.

THE FEAR OF LOOSING is first of all an amazing question. See I only have one line to say be afraid but not too afraid… be scared of failure so that u can push yourself harder towards success but don’t be too afraid so as to pull yourself from the opportunities that bring you that success. Do u know the age when a child does the most hardwork? It is when we are around an year old. We learn to walk ,speak a language and many other stuff which I am pretty sure we cant do now. I mean u learnt equilibrium at 1 cant u do aerial gymnasts at 15 ?but you see there is a small loophole here .. taking aerial gymnastics as an eg. It is difficult to learn because we are afraid to fall down . A child does not know what fear is..before walking he does not stop and think.. what will happen if I fall down???

Anyways moving on…

Muskaan asked me about the changes that come in our lives and when we have to choose between our friends and future…yaar dekh maraani to h hi ps. Sorry for the language but its true… and I think if you are busy so should be your friends as they also experience the same changes and if somehow by any chance they do not then they should be the one to motivate you to work for your future because I think they should understand that by doing so they are pushing you into the arms of comfort and success and if instead of doing this they make u choose between your future and chatting uselessly on some stupid app then I would rather you pretend that you have no friends and work for the bigger goals.. cause listen to me “”Money is not everything”” trust that B.S when u have enough to make ur tummy full and your kids proud.

Moving on

MOVE ON… this topic is sooo requested!!! Look lemme be real like real frank right now !Those who say that real love does not exist… they are idiots. Let me tell you what exists and what does not.. TRUE LOVES EXISTS BUT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE DOES NOT EXIST. So if you are looking for someone who is a perfect match you wont find one honey cause this is life not an f*ing jigsaw puzzle. Now the point arises how to move on.. see this does not come with a set of procedures it just has one basic rule. Love yourself more than the reason . You have the strength to make people smile and make children laugh have the strength to find the cure for cancer.. you have the strength to be who you see in the mirror and you will do it !Just learn the basic lesson…””sometimes… Its not about who left and what u lost its about how u lost it and how u make sure that it does not happen again””. The day you realise the chestfull of meaning behind this statement you will move on. As simple as that.

So guys this is it.. I tried to answer all your questions…of u still have some left feel free to comment and lets talk about it.







Do you sometimes feel like you are not able to understand how exactly you are feeling? I mean like your body is numb ..u feel literally nothing cause that shit happens to me all the time and straight up I can’t be the only one!

Hello guys and this is a little introduction because I am going to start a series… I will upload this once after a few posts and I thought that after heartbreak this was the best time to start. There are 7 write ups in total and u will be reading the first one today. This series traces the journey of a person from being bent not broken to finding love.. struggling to get used to it and finally accepting the strange yet sweet throes of passion . Please do comment and tell me how soon you want me to upload the next part.. after all we aim to please.


Do you know what is a human’s most primitive emotion?


What is it? You persuade yourself to stop feeling and wade through your memories you emotions concealing…

You feel it all and you write some but all you want to feel it is not there…

I cant find the words I know; I don’t make sense anymore but still I write

To feel my pen scratching on the paper…I write to feel yet today.. I feel nothing .

Is it the conscience of my heart beating or it is some pain that I am always concealing???

Or is it the love that I crave yet deny or my heart dosent wanna build up that high

These memories as beautiful as they are.. they are evil when they leave …

What should I do? What would you do? Are you bored? Or do you wish you understood me a bit more???

Why am I even writing??? I want to understand the reason hence I am living .. I try to be good but turns out they are still not happy… I try to be happy but these treacherous tears they still want freedom… I want freedom but turns out death doesn’t want me right now.

This is weird: scary even … but I guess this is what life is all about …Walking through roads you don’t understand .. So what am I feeling?

Is there even a feeling? Or it feels to be a feeling but it is actually in all its pride and totality





Faces…there are way too much emotions on this planet for our own good. There is wrath and anger and hatred and pride then comes jealousy and greed and then of course the insecurity and the way too obnoxious for their own good. What surprises me even more is that homosapiens with a pair of 12 cranial nerves can’t figure out the difference between what eats them and what makes them devour others. I am usually an introvert. Nobody knows the real me and what I am as a person…I was never like that before. I guess I changed when texting people first made u uncool and not replying to a person’s messages made u smarter. I guess I changed when friends started to compare before growing and hurting before reasoning. I know though what some people may be thinking …my friends would never be like this .. that’s probably true but then find me one person who can say that every person in my entire existence is a friend of mine. You may be an optimistic bird and say that every soul is beautiful. Infact I could not agree more with you but what I am vary of is that devil inside of that soul. That devil is not beautiful is hungry and it will tear you down and you wont have anyone to blame. It wont be anyone’s fault .Not yours not mine not his. It would be the circumstances and that person’s urge to grow and survive. Life is not a race… it is like a container that would only stay put if you add just about enough to make it full. A little more and it shall break into a  thousand pieces. I have that devil inside of me pulling me down into the depths of hell. You have that devil inside of you and so does everyone else and once you understand the balance between the devil and your will finally see in your heart your faces. It is upto you to choose which one you like better and which one you wanna discard. Just remember one thing…you can be whoever you want.How? Start believing in it. That’s how you use your faces..That will be your identity.


Happiness…Joy…merriment…cheeriness these are probably one of those things that are worth living for. Yes for some people the answer may be love or friendship or brotherhood or work or probably some other aspect of life. Well it is still no-brainer that we aspire for those reasons simply because they make us happy. What I see however in life usually is people mistaking their own happiness for acceptance from people that are usually not so important in their lives. Thinking what the friend of your best –friends’ sister thinks about is definitely not your plan of being happy gal! So now the point arises that how we manage to be smiling all the time? Well don’t. You don’t have to turn into a 24 hr smiling robot. We just need to learn to accept things the way they are. No sugar-coating ..nothing. Pure acceptance. I remember being so sad that I thought I had forgotten how to smile. It is no crime to once subdue to your dark side but what is unacceptable is never holding on to that beacon of hope again. It is alright to lose but it is not alright to stop trying. Just remember in the end saying to be happy is easy.. yes. I probably have no f*ing idea what you are facing in your life but I can guarantee one thing  if you smile for me once right will make me the richest person alive.

Lets get to know each other for starters

Hello and a big warm welcome to everyone reading this!

I decided to write a blog because i wanted to share and express my viewpoint to the world. Pretty much why I started writing in the first place. I would try and update every week on a random topic which i would love if you guys would suggest me and help me figure out more crap to write on.

Now most of you probably might be wondering why would you  actually bother to do that? Its a good question.  I think the answer is probably something that we do everyday…we TALK . We talk because the person in front of us is willing to listen and what we dont realize is that maybe somewhere all of us want to be listened to and that is where i come! I want to listen to you people.. maybe behind a screen through your keyboard but I do want to listen.

I shall write on topics that I believe all of us teenagers have to go through..ranging from time-pass relationships to work load ,stress relief ,exam studies true love,food habits ,weight loss and god knows whatever I can think of. Now please dont assume that i am some sort of degree holder and will give you awesome scientific methods to ease your worries. I am one of you and i have had my share of good and bad but I wanna be able to inspire you and make you smile even though I might be classified as an idiot ; am not that dumb!

Why do I write you ask? for the same reason as why you talk. You hope that someone listens to you someday and I hope that that someone reads me someday.